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4-steps to Fixing Proteomics

Now you understand the challenges of running proteomics experiments that can be relied upon and reproduced across-labs you may be asking what you can do about it. Hint: if you're still unsure then check out the simple analogies and the challenge of reproducible MS analysis.

By remembering the analogies, considering your quantitative proteomics experiment design and adopting the 4-steps to Fixing Proteomics you'll build in across-lab reproducibility from the start. This means you can generate results with real impact.

The table summarises the 4-steps, where they can fit into your experimental approach and questions you can use to check you've achieved each step. Print out a copy for your lab.

Step Experiment Phase Typical replicate numbers Have I reached this step?
1. Check your system

Step 1
Basic technical functionality 1 Are you confident you get the same result every time you run a standard on your system?
2. Run pilot experiments

Step 2
Exploratory >3 Do you know everything you need to design and run a conclusive experiment?
3. Confirm your results

Step 3
Within lab confirmatory Calculated from pilot Can you reliably reproduce and confirm the results you got from your pilot using enough replicates?
4. Reproduce across-lab

Step 4
Cross lab confirmatory Calculated from pilot and confirmatory Are you confident these results are biological in nature, reproducible by the community as a whole and are not influenced by specific protocols within your lab?

How did you do?

If you can answer "yes" to every question then you're Fixing Proteomics. If you tell us how it helps your research we'd like to promote what you are doing here on the website. If, like most people we talk to, you can't answer every question confidently then don't worry this site can help you.