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The Fixing Proteomics Campaign

What is Fixing Proteomics about?

Fixing Proteomics is a non-commercial, technique-independent campaign dedicated to solving the experimental challenges that stop proteomics delivering on its potential. The campaign is built around this website and is being developed by voluntary contributions from key people in the field.

Above all, Fixing Proteomics is about encouraging people to do work that is reproducible., whether you use Mass Spec, 2D gels or any other quantitative proteomics technique.

Reproducibility is fundamental to advancing science because it enables scientists to build on the work of others. Unfortunately, Proteomics is so challenging that reproducibility must be built into experimental design from the start or experiments are almost guaranteed to be irreproducible. Fixing Proteomics would go as far as saying that if your results can not be reproduced then they should not be published.

Cross-lab reproducibility is now possible in Proteomics, having been successfully demonstrated by the HUPO Reproducibility study. The protocols used in this groundbreaking collaboration are available here and offer everyone the potential to improve reliability and perform experiments with cross-lab reproducibility.

Fixing Proteomics is providing practical advice on how to achieve cross-lab reproducibility including the 4-step approach to Fixing Proteomics and protocols from the HUPO Reproducibility Study.

Why was Fixing Proteomics started?

Proteomics is an exciting field to be in. If you're involved in it already then you know that, but it's vital to be aware there are criticisms of the science. There is a growing sense of frustration that proteomics hasn't delivered on its promise. You may know from personal experience funding has slowed down for many proteomics projects and there is insecurity about the future. People have turned to the latest, greatest technologies for a solution, but the challenges don't go away; they just become different - and often increase.

Fixing Proteomics was created to tackle these perceptions, to show what proteomics can do and, most importantly, to offer a practical solution. We don't have all of the answers but we can see how to make a real impact.

Who is involved with Fixing Proteomics?

The founding members include researchers from industry, academia and vendor companies. This demonstrates that the issues facing proteomics today affect everyone and can be solved together. This is only going to happen if everyone passionate about proteomics acts now. So we would very much welcome your support, feedback and hopefully you'll be willing to join the current founders and contribute.

Where can I go to find out more and provide support and feedback?

Fixing Proteomics is based around this website. It brings together information about the problems, clear ways to explain them to other people, what you can practically do about it and what the current thinking is. Highlights include:

Simple Analogies Simple Analogies. Using rabbits, cows, children and kettles to help you easily understand and remember the challenges of running proteomics experiments.
Practical Advice Practical Advice. This includes a simple 4-step approach to Fixing Proteomics and protocols proven to make your proteomics experiments reproducible.
Publications Publications. Papers, posters and articles covering topics that help Fixing Proteomics.

You can also provide feedback, suggest contributions and most importantly pass the website on to anyone you think would benefit from it, so please - have a look and enjoy!

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